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We do not promote the use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances. This article has been created strictly for harm reduction purposes might Mitragyna Speciosa sounds like we are. saying Mitragyna species more popularly known as kratom is a tropical tree that’s in the same family as the coffee tree, and in many countries around the world, kratom is a legal psychoactive. substance kratom is native to Southeast Asia, where it has been used for hundreds of years as a natural traditional medicine kratom has over 40 known active alkaloids; this gives the substance. very unique and diverse effects, some of the positive effects include pain relief feelings of empathy euphoria and even vivid waking dreams some of the negative effects. include well just the very bitter taste nausea and dizziness, especially in high doses constipation mild depression after the fact of using it and even addiction with the potential for withdrawal. pangs in extreme cases of addiction, people have reported jaundice and some liver toxicity. Still, in normal doses, the substance is believed to be extremely safe of the over 40 active alkaloids. compounds such as our Trajan, we would act as an opioid agonist, which is precisely why kratom is an. Extremely effective treatment for those who are trying to wean themselves off very heavy opiates like say heroin. Even though kratom does hit some of the same opioid receptors as substances like heroin. it barely close to the strength of something like heroin I mean not by a longshot. Kratom would hardly get us high in fact due to the diverse group of alkaloids within kratom does not strictly act as an opioid agonist and say if we were to take a drug test for opiates. We consume kratom that same day we would not pass A+ for opiate. use, in other words, no kratom is not an opiate kratom may have alkaloids within it that act as an opioid agonist, but this does not mean kratom itself is an opiate substance in doses. between two six grams of powdered leaf instead of the usual sedation that one would get accompanied by normal opiate use, we can feel energized and our ability to concentrate can. be increased in regular doses kratom does not feel like a high we would not call taking kratom getting high; rather, it can put the user in a very calm relaxed slightly. euphoric and sometimes chatty mood, the uplifting and euphoric effects do not appear for most users; most people would just say it feels like it puts them in a good mood. however, in higher doses, the effects can be quite sedating. It can behave more like a traditional opiate except in high doses we run the risk of dysphoria and particularly intense nausea in terms of the sedative effects some users feel sedation from as little as three grams. whereas others would have to take more than six tolerance and individual brain chemistry play a large role in regards to what types of effects are going to get from kratom, there are some. individuals who have tried multiple strains of kratom from multiple vendors and no matter what they do not seem to get an effect, then other individuals are susceptible to it. we are just two to three grams is enough to boost their mood and put them into a productive state quality of leaf also plays a huge role in the potency of it many people who buy kratom. from say a quick shop are extremely disappointed the very first time I ever tried kratom was about four years ago maybe five years ago, and we had walked into like a head shop, we know. places that would sell salvia traditionally and we decided to try kratom. we made ourselves a tea out of the leaves, and we drank twice as much as was suggested, and we felt nothing, not a Zippo zero. the fact that just turned we off completely as it does with most people who try kratom this way says oh that stuff did not work for us. we mean, that is what we said, however, thanks to the. internet and online forums, it becomes a lot easier to find vendors that sell good quality leaf; If we have never tried kratom before we want to start small, we are going to start at 2 to 3 grams. max the dose that we have personally found to be the most effective for the nootropic effects is about 3 to 4 grams; usually, we take at least 4 grams I find if we take any more than four though then it. becomes too sedating, meaning we cannot focus if we are too busy falling asleep to dose create them; we are going to need a milligram scale we can get these for cheap they are about $10 I. bought mine was about $15. Still, we got it at a convenience store; we do not need anything to be precise as long as it goes 20.00 a popular way to take kratom is called the toss and. wash method first we are going to get we kratom I am using some white Magda which should be very stimulating well, not very stimulating, but it should be stimulating, and it should give us. some nice nootropic effects we are going to weigh out the appropriate dose I am going for about 4 grams here or yeah whatever that seems good enough why not just going to pour this create. um, powder into our cup. we probably poured a bit too much water here; we do not want to pour too much because then yeah, we have got to force down more of this kratom sludge a lot. people like to add lemon to it, but we are just honestly too lazy to go upstairs and to get a lemon, we are going to warn everyone the taste of this stuff is not pleasant; it is pretty nasty because it is. very grainy, we can just taste all little particles as they stick to the back of our throat and in our teeth, and yeah, we are not painting a pleasant picture right now usually We like to have. something to chase it with all we got with us right now is uh some warm water all right cheers guys taking kratom so we can continue making our article on kratom ah there we go not bad at all. friend of mine likes to take it with chocolate milk she said that she read online that the chocolate milk just completely covers up the taste I have yet to try with chocolate milk some. other options are we can make a tea out of it, although we want to make sure that we do use lemon if we are doing that so the lemon can help pull the alkaloids out of the kratom. into the water, or we can just drink the kratom powder with the water, which would be the most effective route other people like to calculate their kratom but when we are taking 4 to 5 grams. Furthermore, we can hardly fit a gram into a capsule. We mean, a gram in a capsule is one big-ass capsule yeah it is not as effective, and it is extremely time-consuming also when we take it in liquid. Absorbs faster, which is just more beneficial than waiting for those capsules to all dissolve in our gut, the effects will usually begin to manifest within 30 minutes by an hour most people are full. feeling the effects, the speed at which it is going to affect us, and even the intensity of the experience is fully up to what is in our gut; if we just ate a big meal, then obviously it is going to. take longer to absorb, and it may not be as intense as such, and now that It sufficiently stimulates from that white vein kratom, let us get into the topic of the different strains of kratom. Moreover, the varying effects the physical effects of kratom are dependent on which strain we have; there are three primary strains there is red vein white vein and green bay the names literally. come from the colour of the veins that we can see on the bottom of the leaves red vein is the closest we can get to an actual opiate people find it very sedating relaxing and they find it has. usually, the most euphoria white vein acts more like a stimulant people get a boost of energy increased concentration, which is why we thought it would be smart to take it while writing the. article everyone does not want to see us nodding off here on some red vein stuff white vein used as a nootropic substance nootropic are smart drugs green vein behaves like a. The mix of red and white offering stimulation, and also an adequate amount of euphoria, so does the vein colour make that much of a difference many people report that it does the. different veins indicate what concentration of what alkaloids that strain of kratom has, however, personally speaking, we have found the biggest difference between different veins of kratom while. different strains of kratom are not necessarily in the strain itself; it is where that kratom originated from when we search to create them online; we will see many different names for it one might be. called read manga or maybe green mail a manga means it has harvested from Thailand whereas Mele means its harvest from Malaysia kratom that originates in these different geographic. Locations are known to have different concentrations of alkaloids, depending on the source. Some are known more for their stimulation and increased the ability to focus. whereas Malaysia strains, the melees are to be more relaxing out of the strains that we have tried one of our favourites so far is one called green Hulu Kapuas this strain is to be a. a mix of the green and white and personally, we find it very euphoric, and it feels like social lubricant; It just felt so much cleaner than say having a few beers mixing. kratom and alcohol is a pretty big warning as we stated at the start of the article kratom are legal in pretty much all countries currently though the DEA has added kratom to their watch list. dangerous chemicals, they claim that it is a substance of concern and a drug of potential abuse, of course, there is abuse potential as with any substance, but overall kratom has proved itself to not. only be safe, but to save people’s lives, former opiate addicts, people who are addicted to oxy or heroin can thank their recovery to kratom if it were not for kratom they would still be shit some of them. Would probably be dead; not a single person has died directly as a result of kratom. There are three deaths where, within the toxicity reports, kratom one of many substances, but these were combination cases where the people took a combo of drugs and. the drug that they said ultimately resulted in their death in all three of these cases was not kratom, although it is easier to say kick a kratom habit than a heroin habit kratom is addicting. Furthermore, if we have an addictive personality and say we are not using it to wean ourselves off opiates, it may be in our best interest to stay away from it; the withdrawals are not terrible, but there are. definite opiate-like withdrawals people report having like runny nose irritability that all says it is not half as addictive as a lot of the substances that Big Pharma pushes on people which. In conclusion, why it would appear that Big Pharma is the one that’s trying to criminalize this substance, they do not like the notion that we know a safe and legal natural substance is coming. Taking their sales away even though it has been saving lives, and this is what we see right currently. kratom has the potential to become an illegal substance .in the countries where it is currently legal; we have another case of a fucking plant. just because it is helping people does not that sound a lot like we do not know cannabis, personally speaking, we initially tried kratom because we had read about its nootropic. properties I have never been the kind of guy who was into opiates; the only time I ever tried morphine was due to a procedure at the hospital, but it was the reports I read. The increase in creativity and focus that led us to try the substance. Also, we just really liked that it is natural we are a huge fan of the substances that we know to grow naturally in the earth I think that they are in most instances a lot safer than the chemical counterparts in our own. personal experience, we have found kratom to be a fantastic boost for our creativity; sometimes, we will have writer’s block, or we cannot think of a new video to make, and it has been. Those periods of say making ourselves a kratom tea that we thoughts start moving a lot smoother. We find it has a lot of anti-anxiety effects; that is a huge one that we have not even mentioned yet. We could personally see kratom being a fantastic option for people to use it when say they get hit with an anxiety attack. We think it is much healthier and safer than say using a benzodiazepine. now on to the negative effects that we have personally noticed, we can see the substance being very addicting. we find that we are a lot happier and calmer when we are on it; it can be straightforward. to get addicted to being in this state of being in a perpetual perfect mood, unfortunately, though frequent use will give everyone a tolerance, meaning we are going to have to take more and. more to get the same effects, and with needing to take more and more, the potential for negative side effects increases personally, we would not advise using it any more than say once. every couple of days, so, for example, we would take it day one takes two days off in between and then consume it again what we also want to do is alternate strains that way our brain does not. get a tolerance to any one particular strain, so say the first time we would take we do not know a white vein than on the fourth day we are going to take a green vein and then a red vein and. then so on and so forth, in conclusion, we would recommend Creative to anyone who is struggling with an opiate addiction I strongly believe in its potential to help people crush life-threatening. addictions I would also recommend kratom to anyone who needs a boost in focus I would even recommend kratom as a replacement for Adderall in people who are struggling with the d come. downs that a dual has, we would also recommend kratom as an alternative to drinking going out and socializing on a dose of 4 to 5 grams of Maeng Da puts us in a much more euphoric and just. fluid state than a few beers does. We also feel a lot more friendly and just positive. It makes our conversations just better; they have a much happier tone to them. Furthermore, again, we could never recommend them to anyone who has an addictive personality the only people that were suggesting try kratom are those who have we know a serious opiate addiction that they need. to kick or people who are currently using things like Adderall to focus, we think kratom is a fantastic alternative to that, but we would not recommend kratom to someone who plans to take it. Like a daily escape from reality and as a way to get high, it is kind of just good to have in our arsenal for those days when we just feel stuck and like we cannot get ourselves going. Finally, that concludes this article. we hope everyone has enjoyed our kratom article. We know we usually talk about psychedelics but create them being a natural plant and just because it is such a fascinating. the new tropic substance to our we wanted to cover this all.

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